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Not Your Ordinary Gift

I'm Not Odd I'm A Limited Edition Vintage Silver Plated Spoon

I'm Not Odd I'm A Limited Edition Vintage Silver Plated Spoon

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  • A dessert spoon hand stamped with “I’m not odd, I’m a limited edition”
  • Option to choose between a plain and ornate spoon handle
  • Perfect Christmas gift, secret santa and stocking filler

We are all different but there is always someone with a very different personality than you. And yet, you two get along very well, just like partners in crime! And there is no doubt you would always say he or she is odd at times and it is a fun little joke that you and your friend share.

If you're looking to give a present to your best friend, this original and beautiful hand stamped vintage spoon is the perfect gift for them. Stamped with the words "I'm not odd I'm limited edition," this gift will be truly cherished, a keepsake to celebrate your strong friendship.

All spoons are silver-plated and hand-stamped. You may choose between an ornate or plain styled spoon handle but please be aware that due to the nature of this product being vintage, the spoon you receive may look slightly different to the picture

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