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Not Your Ordinary Gift

Prosecco Made Me Do It! Silver Plated Champagne Spoon

Prosecco Made Me Do It! Silver Plated Champagne Spoon

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  • A great talking point at parties, featuring the phrase “Prosecco Made Me Do It!”
  • Put the old wives’ tale to the test and put it handle first in your prosecco
  • A perfect gift for anyone (over 18 only of course)

An eye-catching spoon hand-stamped with the words "Prosecco Made Me Do It!" and is the perfect talking point to any party. This is similar to our bubbly bubbly spoon which was also created with the old wives' tale in mind, whereby you place a spoon handle first into fizzy drinks to keep their fizz for longer.

All spoons are silver-plated and hand-stamped. You may choose between an ornate or plain styled spoon handle but please be aware that due to the nature of this product being vintage, the spoon you receive may look slightly different to the picture.

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