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Not Your Ordinary Gift

Sprouts Just Want To Be Loved Spoon

Sprouts Just Want To Be Loved Spoon

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  • The perfect spoon for Sunday Roast or Christmas lunch
  • All spoons are silver plated vintage spoon, hand stamped in Britain
  • Option to select ornate or plain spoon handle

When it comes to the trimmings on a Christmas lunch, we dig into potatoes, parsnips, carrots, stuffings and we leave the poor sprouts behind.  The sprouts where your mum has spent all morning peeling and trimming simply wants to be loved and to be eaten! Perhaps putting this beautiful "Sprouts Just Want To Be Loved" spoon will be a good way of enticing your kids to eat their greens!

All spoons are silver-plated and hand-stamped. You may choose between an ornate or plain styled spoon handle but please be aware that due to the nature of this product being vintage, the spoon you receive may look slightly different to the picture

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